Legislative alert and call to action

AMPP legislative alert and call to action

Dear AMPP Member-

On June 14, Rep. John Garamendi (CA-3) introduced H.R. 8033, the Bridge Corrosion Prevention and Repair Act. This legislation directly impacts the coatings and corrosion prevention industry, and we need your help to show how important these provisions are.    

The bill emphasizes the importance of corrosion planning and qualified personnel on bridge construction, replacement, and maintenance programs. Specifically, the bill requires accredited contractors on federally funded bridge projects to be qualified to AMPP programs that meet ANSI/NACE Number 13/SSPC–ACS–1. This legislation gives professionals who invest in training more opportunities to use qualifications they’ve earned through successful completion of audits. These requirements advance AMPP’s mission of ensuring the highest quality possible by protecting taxpayer funding, increasing safety, and ensuring best practices and standards are utilized.  Before these provisions become law, we need your help.

Lawmakers place the highest emphasis on the views of their constituents. We’re asking for your help by adding your name to the attached letter. Once hearing from you, we’ll send the letter on your behalf to your Members of Congress. If you’d like to join this effort or have any questions, please contact AMPP’s Manager of Government Relations.

Thanks for your time and support.  With your help, we’ll move our mission forward.


Sam Scaturro
AMPP, Chair

Helena Seelinger
AMPP, Executive Director

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