New AMPP Membership Model FAQs

Change brings questions. Find answers here.

Leading up to the official early 2022 launch, we want to answer your most frequently asked questions about the new model and help you realize the exciting, new possibilities offered by AMPP membership, built on the rich legacies of NACE and SSPC.

Before addressing specifics, AMPP wants you to know that just as NACE and SSPC’s combined 140+ year history serves as the foundation for the future of materials protection and performance, your member history will remain and form the basis of your AMPP membership.

FAQ #1: What is AMPP membership? I thought I had it already.

A: Although the organizations merged in January, there are many housekeeping details tied to merging the two member programs to help ensure that current member benefits continue, and AMPP membership offers the best of both organizations -- if not more.

While working on these details, AMPP has been delivering both NACE and SSPC membership programs. (And, if you opted-in under your member profile, you may have access to both organization’s benefits/services at no additional cost.)

Then, once the singular, new AMPP model is launched, legacy NACE and SSPC programs will sunset, and all members will be served through AMPP’s new member program.

Related Questions

Q:  I have SSPC and/or NACE membership. What do I need to do to get AMPP membership?
A:  You won’t need to do anything! Keep your legacy membership current and on launch date, you’ll be automatically rolled into AMPP membership.

Q: Will I get a refund for the dues I paid to NACE or SSPC?
A:  Refunds won’t be necessary as membership terms will be recognized. For example, if you had 18 months remaining with NACE or SSPC, you’ll have 18 months when rolled over to AMPP.

Q: Do I need to pay anything extra for AMPP membership?
A: No. All individual members will be automatically rolled into the program’s new Premium level, a benefit-rich tier of new AMPP membership at no charge. At renewal, you can choose what tier – and associated cost -- best meets your needs.

Q: I believe my membership is still active since I just recently updated my certification. Is it?
A: Certifications earned through NACE or SSPC are unrelated to membership.  They each have their own separate and unique expiration dates.

Q: Will I still be able to use my NACE and/or SSPC benefits until my expiration date, even after AMPP membership launches?
A: Legacy programs will no longer exist once new AMPP membership launches. While that means your legacy benefits are no longer available, new value-added AMPP benefits will be!

Check back regularly for additional information leading up to the early 2022 launch.