We are AMPP

NACE International has a long, respected history as the largest publisher of corrosion control and mitigation titles. SSPC has more than 50 years of expertise in protective coatings. As AMPP, these resources have come together to create a single, comprehensive library of corrosion and coatings resources.

AMPP’s many resources will keep you current or point you towards solutions. AMPP’s publishing group is highly regarded by global industry experts seeking to publish their work while businesses rely on our media to communicate with our audiences.

Blending the publishing operations of the two organization brings benefits such as:

  • A larger, direct audience for AMPP’s Materials Performance, CoatingsPro Magazine, and CORROSION journal
  • Exploration of new products designed for the combined, new association
  • An increased number of podcasts and webcasts
  • A book publishing program that enables subject matter experts across multiple industries to share their knowledge with peers and new generations of AMPP professionals