New AMPP Membership Model FAQs

New AMPP Membership Model FAQs

Change brings questions. Find answers here.

Leading up to the official early 2022 launch, we want to answer your most frequently asked questions about the new model and help you realize the exciting, new possibilities offered by AMPP membership, built on the rich legacies of NACE and SSPC.

Before addressing specifics, AMPP wants you to know that just as NACE and SSPC’s combined 140+ year history serves as the foundation for the future of materials protection and performance, your member history will remain and form the basis of your AMPP membership.

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FAQ #1: What is AMPP membership? I thought I had it already.

A: Although the organizations merged in January, there are many housekeeping details tied to merging the two member programs to help ensure that current member benefits continue, and AMPP membership offers the best of both organizations -- if not more.

While working on these details, AMPP has been delivering both NACE and SSPC membership programs. (And, if you opted-in under your member profile, you may have access to both organization’s benefits/services at no additional cost.)

Then, once the singular, new AMPP model is launched, legacy NACE and SSPC programs will sunset, and all members will be served through AMPP’s new member program.

Related Questions

Q:  I have SSPC and/or NACE membership. What do I need to do to get AMPP membership?
A:  You won’t need to do anything! Keep your legacy membership current and on launch date, you’ll be automatically rolled into AMPP membership.

Q: Will I get a refund for the dues I paid to NACE or SSPC?
A:  Refunds won’t be necessary as membership terms will be recognized. For example, if you had 18 months remaining with NACE or SSPC, you’ll have 18 months when rolled over to AMPP.

Q: Do I need to pay anything extra for AMPP membership?
A: No. All individual members will be automatically rolled into the program’s new Premium level, a benefit-rich tier of new AMPP membership at no charge. At renewal, you can choose what tier – and associated cost -- best meets your needs.

Q: I believe my membership is still active since I just recently updated my certification. Is it?
A: Certifications earned through NACE or SSPC are unrelated to membership.  They each have their own separate and unique expiration dates.

Q: Will I still be able to use my NACE and/or SSPC benefits until my expiration date, even after AMPP membership launches?
A: Legacy programs will no longer exist once new AMPP membership launches. While that means your legacy benefits are no longer available, new value-added AMPP benefits will be!

Q: Will my NACE or SSPC membership number change?
A: Legacy NACE members member IDs will remain the same, however, due to data migration of SSPC member information, legacy SSPC members will have a new member number. Legacy SSPC member IDs can be found on new AMPP membership profiles, and staff can verify membership by searching for the new AMPP member or legacy SSPC number.

FAQ #2: What is the difference between the SSPC/NACE & AMPP model for the individual member?

A: Simply put, you’ll have access to more knowledge, networking, and savings benefits – benefits you’ve come to expect from NACE and SSPC -- and with it, more choices!

Unlike legacy NACE or SSPC programs, the AMPP model will feature multiple membership levels with varying benefits and pricing. This tiered approach allows you to select the membership option that best meets your needs. There are five membership levels in the new program: Student, Young Professional, Standard, Premium, and Lifetime.

Related Questions

Q:When the new model launches, at what level will I be enrolled?
A:  All individual NACE and SSPC legacy members will be enrolled automatically at the benefit-rich “Premium” level. This allows you to experience the most AMPP has to offer and then, at renewal, you can choose the level that matches your personal preferences.

Q: Are there any new knowledge products/services coming with the launch?
A:  As a natural outcome of the merger, the sheer scope of available knowledge resources will significantly grow. And, the merger affords for new products/services as well. Here’s a preview:

  • A Micro-Learning Library with early access to an online repository that will expand to four topical libraries that offer bite-sized training on complex topics
  • Technical Communities of Interest (online and open to all) allow for discussions on existing, new, and emerging technologies; Atmospheric Coatings, Immersion and Buried Service Coatings, and Surface Preparation will be the first to launch.
  • Social Communities of Interest (online and for AMPP members only) put you in touch with those who have similar demographics or interests.
  • Subscriptions to Two Industry-leading Magazines, Materials Performance and CoatingsPro with you selecting the subscription model that best fits your needs

Q: What is happening with NACE Sections and SSPC Chapters?
A: Under AMPP, historical NACE sections and SSPC chapters will be combined into new chapters, resulting in stronger representation and increased engagement opportunities. This paves the way to a greatly expanded, extended professional network to interact with locally and globally.

Networking, a core benefit of member-based organizations, reaches new heights through AMPP as it brings together two like-minded professional groups to ensure high-performance materials for the building and maintenance of sustainable infrastructure. 

Q: Is anything changing with members’ access to standards and free download benefits?
A: With the launch of AMPP membership, legacy SSPC and NACE programs will no longer exist. And while the valued membership benefit of access to AMPP, NACE, and SSPC published standards will continue, individual AMPP members will be given access to two (2) free standard downloads per year. If you plan to use your current SSPC member benefit of unlimited access to standards and documents, January 3, 2022 is the deadline for doing so.

This benefit change is necessary to help move AMPP’s standards program to the next level. All standard revenue will be reinvested into the program. NOTE: Unlimited access to standards, however, will be a benefit at the corporate membership level.  

FAQ #3: What is the difference between SSPC/NACE & AMPP corporate membership?

A: The new Patron, Associate, and Affiliate levels of the AMPP program affords members the many benefits they’ve come to expect from NACE and SSPC corporate programs. It builds in the most valued benefits of each legacy program and provides the best of both NACE and SSPC.

The difference is that these benefits can now be shared with more team members as the number of individual members included under corporate accounts has grown significantly! Depending on the level of membership purchased, five, twenty-five, or fifty individual members can now be part of an organization’s corporate account.

Q: What level of corporate membership will my organization have?
A: At the time of launch, all SSPC and NACE corporate members will be placed in one of the three new corporate member levels equivalent to their legacy membership.  And, all individual members under a corporate account will be enrolled at the benefit-rich “Premium” level.

Q: What if my organization needs additional contractor resources?
A: The QP Corporate Benefits Program will be available in early 2022 and will allow companies to purchase extra benefits specifically for contractors, providing discounts on QP Programs and certification renewal fees, access to e-courses, and complimentary conference registrations.

Check back regularly for additional information leading up to the early 2022 launch.