Digital Badging

digital badging

Validate your certification anywhere you go, right from your phone

We offer digital credentialing to replace your current physical certification cards. With your digital badge, you will be able to validate your accomplishments and certification directly from your phone at any time, even without an internet connection. With this digital or online representation, you can quickly display the results of your achievement in the form of a certification or qualification whenever it is needed. Just as you can bank, check email, monitor traffic, and share content from your phone – you can validate and share your certifications as well.

What does this mean for you, as an AMPP, NACE, or SSPC certification holder? Among other things, it will streamline the processing of your certification cards and replace these physical cards with their digital counterparts. This change brings many benefits to you as a certification holder such as:

  • Accessibility by web browser or through an app
  • Instant validation that your certification is current and active
  • Available offline or at the job site through your digital wallet
  • Faster receipt of your badge after completing a certification exam
  • Elimination of lost certification cards

Your digital certification badges are available

digital badge sample digital badge sample digital badge sample digital badge sample

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How to access your credentials

How to add credentials to your digital wallet

Please Note: Your AMPP Digital Certification Badge is different from your AMPP Digital Membership Badge. For additional information on the Digital Membership Badge, visit the Membership page.