We are AMPP

SSPC standards serve to ensure the highest degree of quality, productivity, and safety in the protective coatings industry. NACE standards are known and specified globally and relied upon by industries impacted by corrosion.

NACE and SSPC standards have always been developed collaboratively through consensus by technical committees of industry professionals who combine their expertise to establish best practices.

Work is underway to develop a unified AMPP Standards Program. In the interim, legacy NACE and legacy SSPC committees will continue to function as they did prior to their merge. In the near future, the committees will be combined under AMPP.

Together under AMPP, standards and standards development will benefit from:

  • More demographically diverse committee participation with greater representation of roles/titles from across the corrosion and coatings industries
  • An expanded view of standardization needs across market segments
  • Consistent development processes and procedures
  • A reduction in duplicated content and by extension, volunteers’ time commitment
  • One marketplace from where to access and purchase standards

AMPP Standards FAQs