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QP Accreditation for coating and lining inspection companies

Attain QP 5 accreditation to:

Become an industry-leading provider – Attaining QP 5 accreditation proves to the market that your organization is a top-tier inspection organization.

Refine your quality assurance procedures – QP helps organizations of all maturity levels improve assurance procedures.

Gain access to higher quality work – Being a QP 5 provider helps lead to higher quality jobs and markets.

Realize improvements to internal processes – Going through the QP 5 accreditation process helps improve existing internal processes and procedures.

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Why attain SSPC QP 5 (now AMPP QP) accreditation?

QP 5 is an accreditation program for inspection companies that focuses on the industrial coating and lining industry. QP 5 evaluates an inspection company’s ability to provide consistent quality inspection of coatings and linings for its clients.

On a fundamental level, QP 5 provides support to both the owner and inspection company by requiring checks and balances that ensure a high level of quality inspection regardless of which individual inspector is working the job site. This is due to inspection service providers adopting quality programs that include regular maintenance training for inspectors, quality and procedural standards, corporate internal auditing of inspection records, and accountability.

Consistency and accountability at all levels of the inspection service gives the owner knowledge that their project is not just being inspected, it is also reviewed and supported by the inspection company itself. Because of the QP 5 requirements, both owners and inspection companies have realized the critical role provided by QP 5.

Here is how to become QP accredited

Contact us to get started and help answer any questions that you might have on the process of attaining accreditation. We can advise on the items necessary and what internal steps might need to be taken to help you get there.

To be certified to QP 5, coating and lining inspection companies must demonstrate company standards in key areas:
  • Management procedure
  • Established inspection practice
  • Systems of quality assurance
  • Internal audit and review procedures
  • Standards for qualifying and training personnel
  • Policy for review and resolution of complaints

These key areas are evaluated first in form of submittals at the time of application, then confirmed through an impartial on-site audit at the applicant’s headquarters.

The on-site audit criteria can be found in both the QP 5 application and the Self-evaluation Checklist. AMPP strongly advises using the checklist to be sure all areas are addressed prior to the on-site audit.

QP 5 background

The QP 5 standard was approved in 1999 and the current QP-5 program is based on the 2012 revision of the QP 5 standard.

QP 5 is based on criteria established in the SSPC-QP 5 standard that was developed through a consensus process. The QP 5 standard is available for purchase in the AMPP Marketplace.

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