Nuclear Power Plant Training for Coating Inspectors

Nuclear Specialty
4 Day Course

Nuclear Power Plant Training for Coating Inspectors

The Coating Inspector Program nuclear specialty is designed for those wanting more specialized training in nuclear coating inspection. This certification is an enhancement to your current CIP Level 1, CIP Level 2, or CIP Level 3 certification.

The course is designed specifically to train coating inspectors to conduct inspections in nuclear power plants (NPPs) and is also used as a primer to familiarize non-CIP-certified personnel with NPP coating requirements. The training focuses on the unique challenges presented by a nuclear facility’s restrictive and safety-critical environment, as well as the verbatim compliance compulsory in NPPs. The course also delves deeply into government, industry, and plant-specific regulations, technical specifications, and procedures through lectures, case studies, and discussions.

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Who should apply  |  Course learning objectives

How to achieve certification

  1. Meet work experience requirements

    160 hours of work on coatings focused projects for a nuclear power plant

  2. Enroll and complete course requirements

    Successful completion of the NACE Nuclear Power Plant Training for Coatings Inspectors course

    Successful completion of the Ethics for the Corrosion Professional course or an equivalent training

  3. Meet certification requirements

    Current CIP Level 1, CIP Level 2, or CIP Level 3 certification

    CIP Nuclear Specialty Application

  4. Take required exams

    CIP Nuclear Theory Exam (delivered via Examity)

Start Your Journey

Certification candidates have four (4) years to complete all requirements, including a successful completion of the exam, and an approved application with the required work experience and education requirements.

Who should pursue and apply?

  • NPP quality assurance managers
  • Qualified coating inspectors
  • Inspection firms – qualified inspectors and managers
  • Coating manufacturers sales and technical representatives
  • Coating inspection and evaluation personnel at architectural engineering firms
  • Coating contractors
  • Coating evaluation personnel from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (U.S.)
  • Paint supervisors at nuclear power plants

Course learning objectives

Display thorough knowledge of:

  • Describe NPP operations, work procedures, and familiarity with industry terms
  • Recognize all industry regulatory organizations worldwide (including the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC))
  • Perform inspections in various areas of an NPP
  • Recall the purpose, criteria, and types of qualified NPP Coatings
  • Develop and manage a safety-related coatings program
  • Classify surface preparation and coating application of different Coating Service Level (CSL) areas
  • Match coating system type and DBA qualification requirements
  • Determine and apply required qualifications to meet industry and plant-specific ANSI and ASTM standards

Course completion and end of course exam

Successful completion of the course is required to earn a certificate of course completion. Requirements are specific to each course and may include a combination of attendance, daily assessments, activities, quizzes, or knowledge checks.

Certification exams

Certification requirements include an exam delivered via Examity remote online exam proctoring.

Renewal requirements

The Nuclear Specialty is renewed with the primary CIP certification but also requires the additional document located in My Certification Portal. Certification holders are required to pay a non-refundable processing fee for renewal.

NOTE: AMPP reserves the right to return any incomplete applications or those that do not meet the requirements. All application fees are non-refundable. To avoid processing delays or forfeiture of fees, please ensure that the application is complete, meets all the requirements and payment has been received.

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