Thermal Spray Inspector Training (THERMAL INSP)

Thermal Inspection
1 Day Course
4 Year Certification Term

Thermal Spray Inspector Training (THERMAL INSP)

As thermal spray coatings become more widely used in the protective coatings industry, it becomes more important to ensure these coating systems are applied properly. Be an expert in thermal spray inspection by learning how to navigate the NAVSEA standard on thermal spray and a Department of Transportation (DOT) specification.

This program covers the inspection of thermal spray from pre-surface preparation through coating application.

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Who should apply  |  Course learning objectives

How to achieve certification

  1. Meet prerequisite requirements

    Successful completion of at least one of these programs is required:

  2. Enroll and complete course requirements

    Register for a Thermal Spray Inspector Training (THERMAL INSP) Course offering

    Note: Registering for this course includes written certification exam

  3. Ensure all prerequisite forms are filled out and returned to AMPP

    THERMAL INSP Prerequisite Form

Start Your Journey

Who should pursue and apply?

This course is suited for project supervisors, inspectors involved in NAVSEA, and DOT thermal spray projects.

Benefits of Attending

After attending this course you will be able to:

  • Recognize and describe the proper role of the inspector
  • Recognize common inspection hold points and quality control procedures for thermal spray inspection
  • Implement and follow correct thermal spray inspection procedures for surface preparation and application

Course Content

  • Thermal spray process overview
  • The inspector’s role
  • Inspection hold points
  • Thermal spray inspection procedures
  • Inspecting surface preparation
  • Inspecting applied TSC
  • Thermal spray safety

Course Format

The classroom session consists of an 8-hour lecture and is supplemented by workshops in which students learn how to navigate the NAVSEA Standard Item on thermal spray and a DOT specification and complete a four-station exercise of common thermal spray inspection tests, including profile, film thickness, tensile pull-off, and mandrel bend test.


Students wishing to get a certification of completion for the Thermal Spray Inspector course must pass the written exam. Prior to attending the Thermal Spray Inspector program, all individuals must provide adequate information showing that they meet the minimum requirements as set forth in the prerequisite form. If SSPC is unable to verify the accuracy of any information reported on this form, it may result in the rejection of your application.

The student must have taken and passed one of the following coating inspection programs:

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