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General Corrosion Programs, Courses, and Credentials

Courses in the General Corrosion Program provide overviews about the adverse effects of corrosion on a range of industries, as well as methodology and best practices in corrosion prevention and control management.

Our courses suit a range of corrosion professionals, from those new to the industry looking to get a basic understanding, to industry veterans looking to bolster their careers. These courses then relate to our associated certification and credential offerings for those newer to the industry up to seasoned professionals.  

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Basic Corrosion Course

This course and credential cover a basic but thorough review of causes of corrosion and the methods by which corrosion is identified, monitored, and controlled. The micro-credential can be used to achieve higher level certifications.

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Corrosion Foundations Micro-Credential

The Corrosion Foundations micro-credential is geared toward candidates who recognize corrosion and understand its devastating potential. Candidates should also understand the importance of monitoring and/or corrosion control, especially as it relates to his or her area of responsibility.

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Corrosion & Protection of Concrete Structures & Buildings

Held in partnership with the Australasian Corrosion Association, this course provides valuable information on prevention and remediation of corrosion and deterioration to reinforced concrete structures and buildings.

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Corrosion Prevention & Control (CPC) Management eCourse

CPC planning is the most efficient method for effectively addressing and reducing the impact of corrosion at every stage of a product or facility’s lifecycle.

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Corrosion Technician Certification

This certification is geared towards personnel with at least 2 years of experience and who possess basic knowledge of corrosion and corrosion control and can perform routine, well defined work under the close direction of Specialist or Senior Technologist personnel.

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Corrosion Technologist Certification

This certification holder has advanced comprehension, knowledge, and experience in both the theory of corrosion and corrosion prevention. Areas of understanding include cathodic protection, coatings, material selection and design, internal corrosion, and chemical treatment.

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Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is one of the most well-known phenomena and major problems in the process industries.

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Ethics for the Corrosion Professional

The corrosion profession, and the certified professionals who work in the industry, are committed to protecting people, assets and the environment from the effects of corrosion.

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Power Industry Corrosion Concepts eCourse

Corrosion impacts the safety, dependability, and costs of generating, transmitting, and distributing electricity. In today’s economy the power industry has a pressing need for methods to extend the life of their aging infrastructure in order to meet the increasing demand for electric energy.

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Senior Corrosion Technologist

This certification is one of the highest distinctions awarded by AMPP, it acknowledges the highest level of academic and practical knowledge in all facets of corrosion and its control. It combines technical training with technical experience at a high level.

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