AMPP Awards - Recognizing the best in our industry

Receiving an AMPP award is the validation of outstanding contributions and achievements in our industry. The awards recognize the best of the best in all categories and spotlight outstanding achievements in academia, research, technical progress, teaching, mentoring, and work in the field.

The AMPP Awards Program Committee has developed a new slate of awards that embodies the rich legacies of NACE and SSPC while establishing new ways to honor AMPP’s outstanding members. The awards are designed to recognize the contributions of individuals and teams who have made significant advances in the materials protection and performance industry.

Project Awards

The AMPP Project of the Year Awards category recognizes superior performance, management approaches, innovation, or other achievement in the commission of materials protection technologies for new construction, maintenance projects, or remediation/rehab of existing assets or buildings, and public service impact through community service projects.

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Russell Brannon & John Keane Signature Award

Recognizes a current member of AMPP whose outstanding service and leadership has contributed to the development, advancement, and promotion of the Association objectives

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Educator Award

Recognizes individuals who demonstrated exemplary commitment to the advancement of knowledge in materials protection and performance, both in academic and non-academic settings.

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Publications Award

Recognizes the most impactful nominated publication in each of the Association outlets (CORROSION Journal, Engineering (MP & CoatingsPro), and the Annual Conference), which appeared in the previous calendar year.

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Early Career Excellence Award

Recognizes individuals that worked in academia, research, industry, or government for ten years or less and had excellent contribution and exceptional promise in materials protection and performance.

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Joyce Wright Industry Impact Award

Recognizes women who have contributed to creating a positive impact on the culture of the materials protection and performance industry, mentoring, and providing wisdom to others in the industry.

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Fellow Honor

Recognizes outstanding and significant contributions of academic, mentoring, technical and policy efforts in the field of materials protection and performances.

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Willis Whitney Technical Achievement Award

Recognizes an individual for outstanding contributions and merits that have received international recognition and impacted the global dissemination, advancement, and understanding of materials protection and performance-related phenomena and processes.

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Elaine Bowman Distinguished Service Award

Recognizes notable and cumulative contributions in assigned or unassigned duties or responsibilities to assist in advancing the work of the Association.

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Oladis Troconis de Rincón Field Applied Technology Award

Recognizes achievements in the application of engineering & scientific principles to the protection and preservation of field structures and property.

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Distinguished Organization Award

Recognizes remarkable service and efforts in advancing the mission and core values of AMPP by a group of individuals, a team, or an organization.

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Oliver Moghissi Asset Integrity Management Award

Recognizes exemplary support to the materials protection and performance industry through work that bridges the gap between maintenance/operations activities and the use of business management systems in the realm of asset integrity.

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Christopher M. Fowler Award for International Cooperation

Recognizes an individual whose outstanding and continued service and leadership has contributed to promoting the activities and goals of AMPP to increase its visibility across international borders anywhere on the Globe.

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2022 Recognition in Establishment of AMPP Award

The Recognition of Service in the Establishment of AMPP Award was given in appreciation of outstanding contributions and service in the establishment of AMPP, acknowledging the many diverse efforts from around the world.

Abe Eshkenazi

Ahren Olson

Alison B. Kaelin

Amir Eliezer

Andrew Croll

Anthony J. (A.J.) Gerbin

Bernardo Duran

Bill Hedges

Bill Worms

Bob McMurdy

Bradley Wilder

Brian Saldanha

Brian Skerry

Brooke Divan

Bryan Louque

C. Lindsay Enloe

Christopher Fowler

Connor McManus

Cris Conner

Dave Evans

Dan Adley

David Barnes

David Enos

Dawn Eden

Debra Boisvert

Derek Kostuck

Derrick Castle

Don Holle

Doni Riddle

Douglas Hansen

Douglas Kellow

Douglas Moore

Dr. Khlefa Esaklul

Dr. Krista Heidersbach

Drew Haiko

Elaine Bowman

Emer Flounders Jr.

Eric Langelund

Garry D. Manous

Gerald Holton Jr.

Gordon Carson

Greg Redick

Gunnar Ackx

Haralampos Tsaprailis

Harrietta Eaton

Hasan Sabri

Heather Gilmer

Heather Groll

Henry Arato III

Homero Castaneda-Lopez

Jack Maillis

James Feather

James King

Jane Brown

Jarret Brelsford

Jason Lee

Jay Kranker

Jeffrey Didas

Jim Chmilar

Joey Kish

John Todd

Johnnie Miller

Jorge Canto Ibanez

Joseph Walker

Joyce Wright

Juan Caballero

Justin Rigby

Karen Bowman

Kat Coronado

Keith Perkins

Kevin Garrity

Kevin LaRue

Kimberly-Joy Harris

Kristin Leonard

Kristopher Kemper

Larry Vernon

Laura Erickson


Leonardo Uller

Mana Al-Mansour

Mark J.Byerley Sr.

Matt Schmidt

Melissa Molitor

Michael Ames

Michael Damiano

Michael Hurley

Michael MeLampy

Michael O'Brien

Michelle Lau

Mitchell Blum

Mohammed F. Al-subaie

Nancy Pescinski

Nicholas D’Angelo Jr.

Nick Birbilis

Norman Byrne

Paul Vince

Paul Vinik

Pierre Crevolin

Raul B. Rebak

Richard Capolupo

Rick Matthews

Robert Cloutier

Robert Herron

Robert Murphy Jr.

Ross Boyd

Roy D. Fultineer Jr.

Russell Norris

Ryan Tinnea

Sam Scaturro

Samir Degan

Sarah Olthof

Sean Browning

Skip Damschroder

Stephanie Decker

Steven Reinstadtler

T. Kyle Greenfield

Terry Greenfield

Thomas Higginbotham

Timothy Bieri

Tony Serdenes

Toyoji Takeuchi

William D. Corbett

William Mueller