Digital Badging

AMPP digital badging

Digital Badging

Being a member of the Association for Materials Performance and Protection (AMPP) brings instant credibility. It means you are dedicated to professional excellence and ethics as defined by the largest and most influential corrosion and protective coatings organization in the world – AMPP. Now, you can showcase your membership and dedication to the corrosion and protective coatings industry with the AMPP Member Digital Badge.

This service is delivered through our official digital credential provider, Accredible. There is no fee, and your participation is optional, though highly encouraged to further promote your dedication to the AMPP community.

Verifiable details about your AMPP membership anytime, anywhere

What does this mean for you? The benefits of digital badging are many!
  • Emailed at the beginning of your membership term, digital badging streamlines the processing of your membership – faster receipt of your member ID
  • It’s portable and accessible via a web browser or through an app
  • Elimination of lost membership cards
  • Validation to employers and others that your membership is current

And, your badge can be easily shared on digital platforms, social and professional media, added to your email signature and even to digital resumes.

Digital badge sample
The AMPP Digital Badge provides credibility, legitimacy, and more

Access your AMPP Digital Membership Badge from AMPP’s Member Profile page.

NOTE: The AMPP Digital Membership is different from the AMPP Digital Certification Badge. For more on this, see “certification.”