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Starts: 06-11-2024
Location: Online Opportunity


The AMPP Marketing Department is looking for high quality images and video clips of those in the AMPP community actively working in their jobs and careers.
Whether you work in the field, in a shop, in an office, lab or a plant, wherever you are doing what you do, we want to see images of you out in the world.

What Type of Photos/Videos to submit?

Please send us pictures that show you working in your job, pictures that show you doing what you do best, and you being part of the industry.

Images and videos will be used in a variety of AMPP Marketing campaigns and communications that will highlight the offerings of AMPP as well as the individuals who give AMPP Purpose.

Use the form below to submit your information, the photo release, and 1-5 images and video clips of what you do in your career.

​Any AMPP member, certification holder, customer, volunteer, student, etc can submit images and videos. 

Submission Form

Volunteers Needed:

100 (100 open slots)




Lydia Prazak

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