AS 3 ITO – QP Independent Training Organization Accreditation


AS 3 ITO – QP Independent Training Organization Accreditation

The AS 3 accreditation addresses trade skills training for coating application provided by an Independent Training Organization (ITO). The accreditation assesses the framework, methods, and required attributes for a third-party training program. This accreditation sets a professional standard for organizations that train personnel in coating application. The training delivered may be a mix of in-house and/or commercially available programs.

What is included in an AS 3 ITO Audit?

The AS 3 ITO accreditation audit includes:

  • Verification of training program content, program management, and methods of delivery
  • Testing practices and objectivity of the testing protocol
  • Review of the management, technical infrastructure, training and qualification of the instructor(s)
  • Review of training plans, lesson plans, and testing content
  • Security of the independent training program and associated facilities

Please note: No additional QP accreditations required to attain AS 3 ITO

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