Program Committees

AMPP Accreditation Program committee meeting

2021 Meeting | February 25, 2021

Program Committee Members and Staff were announced.

Board of Director, Accreditation Liaison

Garry Manous – Accreditation Program Liaison

Accreditation Program Committee (APC) Members

Connor McManus – Chair Accreditation Program Committee

Kevin LaRue – Vice Chair Accreditation Program Committee

Subcommittee Chairs

Rich Capalupo - QP Core Subcommittee Chair (QP 1, QP 2, QP 7, QS 1, QN 1, and AS-3)

Heather Gilmer - QP 3 Subcommittee Chair

Matthew Mills - QP 5 Subcommittee Chair (Accreditation for Inspection Companies)

Jeff Theo - QP General Subcommittee Chair (QP 6, QP 8, QP 9, AS-3 ITO)

AMPP QP Program Staff Representatives

Helena Seelinger – AMPP Executive Director

Keenan Loubser – Staff Representative (Senior Director Certification and Accreditation)

Dave Evans – Director, QP Program

Jessica Gonzales – Staff Representative

Kathy Cornwall – Staff Representative

Michael Damiano – Technical Advisor