Pipeline Corrosion Assessment Field Techniques

Pipeline Corrosion Assessment Field Techniques

Pipeline Corrosion Assessment Field Techniques (P-CAFT)

The Pipeline Corrosion Assessment Field Techniques course covers corrosion basic principles and theory, f ield techniques, direct assessment, in-line inspection and hydro testing techniques, indirect inspections, direct examination, safety and data documentation.

The course is presented in a format of lecture, discussion, group exercises. No hands-on training will be provided in this course.

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Who should attend

Designed for field personnel responsible for the implementation and reporting of pipeline inspection activities including:

  • Maintenance
  • Service
  • Technical

Learning objectives

  • Collect data for used for the evaluation and monitoring of a pipeline corrosion integrity plan
  • Recognize pipeline anomalies
  • Recommend solutions for resolving technical issues “in the ditch”
  • Evaluate a pipeline in-service using ECDA and ICDA methods and techniques
  • Recognize problems “in the ditch” and be able to collect the data necessary for further engineering evaluation



There are no required prerequisites for this course.


Course Completion

Successful completion of the course is required to earn a certificate of course completion. Requirements are specific to each course and may include a combination of attendance, daily assessments, activities, quizzes, or knowledge checks.

Certification Requirements

Visit the Pipeline Corrosion Integrity Management (PCIM) page for certification requirements. All certification and renewal applicants will be required to complete the AMPP ethics training program OR an equivalent training and provide proof of completion as part of the certification application or renewal process.

4 Day Course

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