Project Awards

Project Awards

The AMPP Project of the Year Award category recognizes superior performance, management approaches, innovation, or other achievements in the commission of materials protection technologies for new construction, maintenance projects, or remediation/rehab of existing assets or buildings, and public service impact through community service projects.

Nominations are accepted for projects finalized in the previous calendar year.

Project Awards are oriented toward recognition of companies or teams but, on occasion, may be presented to individuals.


Maximum 1 award per subcategory each year
Membership is not required
Self-nomination is allowed

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Nominations for AMPP Project Awards are in the following categories:

Outstanding Engineering in the Area of Materials Protection or Remediation

This award recognizes owners and engineering firms for projects that demonstrate extraordinary achievements in the design and installation of materials protection systems. The project will demonstrate the highest degree of engineering skills while also having an element of uniqueness, innovation, complexity, sustainability, and value. Honoring an overall project rather than an individual, this award focuses on the contributions of a team.

Excellence in Coating Craftmanship

Project Award in honor of Ernest Knoy and Charles Munger

This project award recognizes outstanding achievement in commercial or industrial coatings work that demonstrates innovation, durability, or utility. Qualities considered include excellence in craftsmanship and use of state-of-the-art techniques or products to creatively solve problems. The required skills must be craft skills as opposed to design, engineering, or inspection skills.

Recognition of Excellence in Aesthetic Merit in a Coatings Project

Project Award in honor of William Johnson

This project award recognizes outstanding achievements demonstrating aesthetic merit in industrial or commercial coatings work.

Outstanding Achievement in Coatings Work in a Fixed Shop Facility

Project Award in honor of Eric Kline

This project award recognizes outstanding achievement in industrial coatings work performed in a fixed shop facility. The project can be repair work or new construction.

Structure/project owner requirements

You must obtain the permission of the structure/project owner prior to submitting this Nomination. The structure/project owner must be willing to attend the AMPP conference to accept the award. The structure/project owner must give permission for the information to appear in promotional AMPP publications and other publicity purposes tools.

Photo requirements

You must attach before and after photos of the structure that demonstrate why the structure is being nominated.

Photos must be high resolution and in .JPG format. Do not embed the photos in this document.

Eligibility criteria applicable for all awards categories:


  • Individuals, organizations, and companies can be nominators - see each award category for specific restrictions.
  • Self-nomination is only allowed for specific awards and is identified on each award description page.


  • No posthumous nominations will be accepted.
  • The restriction applies to Individual Awards and Honors for Past Presidents and Chairs of the AMPP, AMPP Global Center, NACE, NACE Institute, or SSPC Boards of Directors, with the exception of work/service completed/performed after service on the Board is completed.
  • The restriction applies to Individual Awards and Honors for sitting members of both AMPP Boards, and the Awards Committee.
  • Past recipients are not eligible to receive the same or similar (from Legacy SSPC or NACE )award category again.
  • An individual is only eligible for a single award each calendar year. However, an individual may receive the Fellow Honor in addition to any other award in the same year.
  • Membership requirements vary. Please check the award description page for details.
  • Activity directly related to supporting the merger was recognized in 2022 and is not encouraged going forward.