R. Baboian Award

NACE R. Baboian Award

This award is given in recognition of achievement in the field application of corrosion technology. The achievement must have had notable impact on the practice of corrosion control or the enhancement of the profession of corrosion. This award is specifically targeted to field practitioners of corrosion control technology such as inspectors, technologists and engineers. The qualities that may represent achievement in this area include excellence in craftsmanship or execution of work, use of state of the art techniques or products to creatively solve problems or provide long-term service, novelty or creativity of the solution to a problem, or represent the successful completion of work to address an especially difficult or challenging corrosion control problem or has noteworthy and marked significance such as preservation or restoration of important artifacts, facilities, etc. The application must have been completed and have demonstrated success or utility in addressing the challenge. This award shall not recognize work in corrosion research and development.

Len Krissa

2019 Recipient(s): Len Krissa

Krissa holds a Bachelor of Science Petroleum Engineering Co-op Program (B.Sc. Pet. Eng.) from the University of Alberta. His areas of specialty include Pipeline Integrity covering the following areas Cathodic Protection, Coatings, AC corrosion, Casing management, Trenchless pipeline construction and Inline Inspection. With over 45 articles/papers published in NACE Materials Performance (MP), International Pipeline Conference (IPC), World Pipelines magazine, Pipeline and Gas Journal and NACE CORROSION symposia, covering the topics of: cathodic protection, coatings, casing management, AC corrosion, trenchless pipeline construction, corrosion growth rate calculations, environmental factors, data integration, and survey/monitoring techniques. Krissa is also part of various committees and hold the following offices; NACE STG 05 Cathodic/Anodic Protection – Vice Chair; Chair of Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) – Corrosion Technical Committee Chair, NACE TEG 262X: Stray Current Interference – Chair, NACE Edmonton Section – Programs Chair, and Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) Pipeline Integrity Corrosion Control Working Group - Co-chair.

He is currently Supervisor of Corrosion Prevention at Enbridge Pipelines Inc.