SSPC Coatings Industry Spirit Award

SSPC Coatings Industry Spirit Award

This award is given in recognition of a coatings project that demonstrates extraordinary service benefitting a community or the industry. The qualities that may represent achievement may include coatings projects conducted for the purposes of humanitarian causes, non-profit work, community awareness, honoring military veterans, museums, education facilities, structures demonstrating appreciation or honor of volunteers, memorials, etc., or projects completed through volunteer efforts or, through donations of equipment, coatings or labor.

Past Recipients

  • 2020

    SPCA - Lake Jackson TX Animal Shelter, Lake Jackson, TX
    Structure Owner: SPCA - Lake Jackson
    Contractor: Lonestar Resin Systems
    Coating Material Supplier: Carboline Company

  • 2019

    City of Celina Downtown Elevated Storage Tank
    Structure Owner: City of Celina
    Contractor: Viking Industrial Painting
    Coating Material Supplier: Tnemec Company, Inc./ The Barry Group
    Engineer: Dunham Engineering, Inc.

  • 2018

    Elevated Water Storage Tank, Oak Grove, KY
    Structure Owner: Oak Grove Water Department
    Contractor: Sam Estes Painting, Inc.
    Coating Material Supplier: Rust-Oleum Corporation
    Consultant: Wet or Dry Tank Inspection & Consulting

  • 2017

    2.0 MG Toropillar North Water Tower
    Structure Owner: City of Findlay
    Contractor/Applicator: UCL Inc.
    Coating Material Supplier: The Sherwin-Williams Company

  • 2016

    Bowker Overpass (Boston Strong Bridge)
    Structure Owner: Massachusetts Department of Transportation - highway
    Contractor/Applicator: Atsalis Bros Painting
    Coating Material Supplier: The Sherwin-Williams Company

    The New York State Pavilion’s Tent of Tomorrow (Built for the 1964 Worlds Fair)
    Structure Owner: NYC Department of Parks and Recreation
    Contractor/Applicator: Ahern Painting Contractors, Inc.
    Coating Material Supplier: PPG Protective & Marine Coatings