QP Forms

QP Job Notification, Maintenance Renewal, Audit Checklists, CAP, and Evaluation Forms

Submit job notification, maintenance (renewal) applications, corrective action plan (CAP), and audit evaluation forms

All forms related to QP jobs, can be accessed and filled out here. These forms can be accessed without logging in, simply click the link below for the form you need, then complete it, and submit it.

QP program contractor forms

Job Notification Form

Maintenance Renewal Application

Add a QP to Existing Accreditation(s)

Job Site Documentation for QP 1 and QP 2 Contractors

QP Merit Program Application and Program Rules

QP audit checklists

Visit the QP Application page

Corrective action plan forms

Corrective Action Plan Form

Root Cause Analysis – Document to help with understanding of the root cause analysis on the CAP form. Up to 90% of rejected CAPs are due to inadequate root causes being identified.

QP 5 program inspection company forms

QP 5 Job Notification Form

QP 5 Maintenance Renewal Application

Auditor evaluation survey form

Auditor Evaluation Survey

Please notify us with any issues related to accessing or submitting these forms.

Applicator/Blaster/Craftworker assessment forms

The C7 and C13 Hands-On Skills Assessment Forms and Spray Painter Checklist below meet the worker assessment requirement of QP 1 and QP 3, which means they allow contractors to qualify their own workers for QP 1 and QP 3. Access forms related C7 and C13 below:

Centrifugal Blaster Evaluation

Blaster Evaluation

HP and UHP Waterjet Operator Evaluation (Manually Held Gun)

HP and UHP Waterjet Operator Evaluation (Deck-Floor Equipment – Vacuum-Optional)

Spray Painter Checklist – Industrial/Marine Painter