Apply for Accreditation

How to apply for AMPP QP Accreditation

Applying for QP Accreditation can be a challenging process, but our forms will walk you through the necessary steps. To successfully obtain accreditation, use the below steps for the QP Program that you are looking to attain:

  1. Download and review the relevant QP Standard
  2. Review the QP Program Rules
  3. Perform an internal audit with the Audit Checklist
  4. Review the Application and Submittal Instructions
  5. Complete and submit the Application

To help in the application process, links to the associated QP application forms, audit checklists, and standards are below.

Not all QP Programs have the same requirements. Please review the associated Standard, Program Rules, and Application and Submittal Instructions for requirements. To qualify for QP 1 Accreditation you must have been in business for at least 18 months under the current business name and have completed at least (2) jobs in the last 24 months. If you do not meet these criteria, please consider applying for QP 7. For additional questions about the application process, please visit our FAQ page, if you have further questions, please contact

For AS 3 Independent Training applications, go here.

To apply for the QP Merit Program, visit the QP Forms page.

QP application documents

(Industrial coatings training accreditation )

AS 3 application, standard, checklist, and audit score sheet

AS 3 Application Part 1 - (pdf 1.3M)

AS 3 Application Part 2 - (pdf 1M)

AS 3 Audit Score Sheet - (pdf 678K)

AS 3 Audit Checklist - (pdf 646K)

AS 3 Standard - (pdf 986K)

AS 3 ITO application, standard, checklist, and audit score sheet

AS 3 ITO Application Part 1 - (pdf 1M)

AS 3 ITO Application Part 2 - (pdf 1.5M)

AS 3 ITO Score Sheet - (pdf 681K)

AS 3 ITO Audit Checklist - (pdf 153K)

AS 3 ITO Standard - (pdf 732K)

For each program above, download the PDF application form and associated audit score sheet and checklist to get started. For pricing information or any questions, please contact