Recently Published Standards Documents

Recently published documents

AMPP SCs are responsible for the generation, publishing, and maintenance of all AMPP products that require a consensus-driven process, including standards, technical reports, guides, and qualification procedures dealing with materials selection and their protection against corrosion.

Realizing that industry and government agency documents frequently invoke standards by reference, AMPP has no intention to modify the unique, original/legacy identifiers of published NACE and SSPC standards. All published NACE and SSPC standards will retain their current alpha numeric designation. When an SSPC or NACE document is revised, its date of publication will be updated, but its designation will not change. The document will have a new format containing an AMPP logo and copyright but will retain the legacy numbering system. New standards will utilize an AMPP designation.

Date Publication Title SC Type
3-25-2022 AMPP SP21518-2022 Recovery and Repassivation after Low pH Excursions in Open Recirculating Cooling Water Systems SC 18 New Purchase
2-28-2022 AMPP SP21494-2022 Technical Specification for Ship Coating Repair SC 19 New Purchase
3-8-2022 AMPP SP21548-2022 Pressurized Water Cleaning of Concrete and Cementitious Materials - Thorough Cleaning SC 12 New Purchase
3-1-2022 NACE TM0497-2022 Measurement Techniques Related to Criteria for Cathodic Protection on Underground or Submerged Metallic Piping Systems SC 15 Revision Purchase
4-12-2022 SSPC-PA 2-2022 Procedure for Determining Conformance to Dry Coating Thickness Requirements SC 23 Revision Purchase
3-14-2022 NACE SP0616-2022 Standard for Hull Roughness Measurements on Ship Hulls in Dry Dock SC 19 Reaffirmation Purchase
6-23-2022 NACE SP0516-2022 Guidelines for Data Collection and Analysis of Railroad Tank Car Interior Coating/Lining Condition SC 17 Revision Purchase
7-12-2022 NACE TM0190-2022 Impressed Current Laboratory Testing of Aluminum and Zinc Alloy Anodes SC 01 Reaffirmation Purchase
6-10-2022 SSPC-Guide 18-2022 Specifier’s Guide for Determining Containment Class and Environmental Monitoring Strategies for Lead Paint Removal Projects SC 24 Reaffirmation Purchase
5-4-2022 SSPC-PA 15-2022 Material and Preparation Requirements for Steel Test Panels Used to Evaluate the Performance of Industrial Coatings SC 13 Revision Purchase
6-30-2022 SSPC-PA 16-2022 Method for Evaluating Scribe Undercutting on Coated Steel Test Panels Following Corrosion Testing SC 13 Revision Purchase
7-27-2022 NACE SP0116-2022 Multiphase Flow Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment (MP-ICDA) Methodology for Pipelines SC 10 Revision Purchase
7-26-2022 NACE SP0295-2022 Application of a Coating System to Interior Surfaces of New and Used Rail Tank Cars SC 17 SC 17 Revision Purchase
7-26-2022 NACE SP0592-2022 Application of a Coating System to Interior Surfaces of New and Used Rail Tank Cars in Concentrated (90 to 98%) Sulfuric Acid Service SC 10 Revision Purchase
6-29-2022 AMPP SP21507-2022 Standard Practice for Sandwich Plate Repair of Steel Structures SC 19 New Purchase
8-8-2022 NACE TM0197-2022 Laboratory Screening Test to Determine the Ability of Scale Inhibitors to Prevent the Precipitation of Barium Sulfate or Strontium Sulfate, or Both, from Solution (for Oil and Gas Production Systems) SC 20 Revision Purchase
7-20-2022 NACE SP0395-2022 Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Coating of Steel Reinforcing Bars SC 12 Revision Purchase
8-10-2022 AMPP TR21540-2022 Correlating Qualitative Surface Profile Assessment Methods to Quantitative Methodology on Prepared Concrete Substrates SC 12 New Purchase
9-21-2022 ANSI/NACE MR0175-2021/ISO 15156:2020 Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries-Materials for Use in H2S-Containing Environments in Oil and Gas Production SC 08 Revision Purchase
8-8-2022 AMPP SP21485-2022 Citric Acid-Based Passivation of Maritime Stainless Steel Storage Tanks SC 19 New Purchase
9-4-2022 AMPP TR21544-2022 Corrosion and Mitigation Techniques for Fire Protection Piping Systems SC 18 New Purchase
8-16-2022 NACE TM0115-2022 Cathodic Disbondment Test for Coated Steel Structures Under Cathodic Protection SC 03 Reaffirmation Purchase
9-12-2022 SSPC-QP 5-2022 Standard Procedure for Evaluating the Qualifications of Coating and Lining Inspection Companies SC 25 Revision Purchase
9-20-2022 NACE TR5A171-2022 Materials for Storing and Handling Commercial Grades of Aqueous Hydrofluoric Acid and Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride SC 06 Revision Purchase
6-30-2022 NACE SP0176-2022 Corrosion Control of Submerged Areas of Permanently Installed Steel Offshore Structures Associated with Petroleum Production SC 14 Revision Purchase
3-11-2022 AMPP SP03-30-2022 Treatments for the Protection for Metal Parts of Service Stores and Equipment Against Corrosion SC 07 New Purchase
8-22-2022 NACE SP0499-2022 Corrosion Control and Monitoring in Seawater Injection Systems SC 20 Revision Purchase
11-7-2022 NACE TM0215-2022 Test Method for Measurement of Gouge Resistance of Coating Systems SC 03 Revision Purchase
9-23-2022 AMPP TR21505-2022 Adverse Impacts of Wildfires on Power Industry Steel Structures SC 11 New Purchase
10-31-2022 AMPP TM21612-2022 Liquid-Applied Coating Performance Test Methods for Offshore Structures SC 03 New Purchase
11-8-2022 AMPP SP21523-2022 Non-thermal Plasma Surface Preparation of Metals SC 05 New Purchase
9-18-2022 NACE SP0692-2022 Application of a Coating System to Exterior Surfaces of Steel Rail Cars SC 17 Revision Purchase
11-24-2022 AMPP SP21481-2022 Maintenance Overcoating of Railcar Exteriors SC 17 New Purchase
10-1-2022 NACE/ASTM G193-2022 Standard Terminology and Acronyms Relating to Corrosion Revision Purchase
12-12-2022 AMPP TR21500-2022 Surface Preparation by Encapsulated Blast Media for Repair of Existing Coatings on Railcars SC 17 New Purchase
12-12-2022 NACE SP0575-2022 Internal Cathodic Protection (CP) Systems in Oil-Treating Vessels SC 15 Revision Purchase
12-14-2022 AMPP SP21460-2022 Corrosion Control of Pilings in Non-marine Applications SC 11 New Purchase
8-3-2022 NACE TM0174-2022 Laboratory Test Methods for the Evaluation of Protective Coatings and Lining Materials on Metallic Substrates in Immersion Service SC 03 Revision Purchase
12-22-2022 NACE TR43114-2022 Nonvisible Contaminants on Railcar Surfaces SC 17 Reaffirmation Purchase
12-6-2022 NACE SP0302-2022 Selection and Application of a Coating System to Interior Surfaces of New and Used Rail Tank Cars in Molten Sulfur Service SC 17 Revision Purchase
1-16-2023 NACE SP0200-2023 Steel-Cased Pipeline Practices SC 15 Revision Purchase
1-23-2023 NACE TM0102-2023 Measurement of Protective Coating Electrical Conductance on Underground Pipelines SC 03 Revision Purchase
1-18-2023 NACE SP0402-2023 Field-Applied Fusion-Bonded Epoxy (FBE) Pipe Coating Systems for Girth Weld Joints: Application, Performance, and Quality Control SC 03 Revision Purchase
12-17-2022 SSPC-PA Guide 5-2022 Guide to Maintenance Coating of Steel Structures in Atmospheric Service SC 23 Revision Purchase
1-19-2023 NACE SP0113-2023 Pipeline Integrity Management: Methods Selection and Implementation SC 10 Revision Purchase
12-6-2022 NACE SP0386-2022 Application of a Coating System to Interior Surfaces of Covered Steel Hopper Rail Cars in Plastic, Food, and Chemical Service SC 17 Revision Purchase
1-16-2023 NACE SP0398-2023 Recommendations for Training and Qualifying Personnel as Rail Car Coating and Lining Inspectors SC 17 Revision Purchase
2-6-2023 AMPP SP21496-2023-IEEE Std 2683 Guide to Strength Loss of Tubular Steel Poles SC 11 New Purchase
2-13-2023 NACE SP0495-2023 Qualifying Personnel as Abrasive Blasters and Coating and Lining Applicators in the Rail Industry SC 17 Revision Purchase
2-9-2023 SSPC-Guide 12-2023 Guide for Illumination of Industrial Coating Projects SC 24 Revision Purchase
1-23-2023 SSPC-TR 2/NACE TR6G198-2023 Wet Abrasive Blast Cleaning SC 05 Revision Purchase
12-15-2022 AMPP TR21499-2022 Currently Used Procedures for Dry Film Thickness Measurement and Recording for Coatings on Railcars SC 17 New Purchase
2-13-2023 AMPP TR21524-2023 Commentary on Standards Development for Selection and Qualification of HSC-Resistant Materials in Subsea Service with Cathodic Protection SC 08 New Purchase
7-7-2022 SSPC-Guide 22-2022 Use and Retention of Pre-Construction Primers on Steel in Shipbuilding SC 23 Reaffirmation Purchase
2-9-2023 NACE SP0775-2023 Preparation, Installation, Analysis, and Interpretation of Corrosion Coupons in Hydrocarbon Operations SC 20 Revision Purchase
2-20-2023 AMPP SP21486-2023 Dry-Docking Hull Surface Maintenance and Repair Standard Practice SC 19 New Purchase
1-30-2023 ANSI/NACE MR0103-2015/ISO 17945:2015 (R2023) Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries — Metallic materials resistant to sulfide stress cracking in corrosive petroleum refining environments SC 08 Reaffirmation Purchase
2-6-2023 AMPP Guide 21614-2023 Guide for Improving the Statistical Quality of Dry Coating Thickness Data on Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metal Substrates Using Continuous Read/Scanning Technology SC 23 New Purchase
2-7-2023 AMPP QP21536-2023 QP BASE: Evaluating General Qualifications of Contractors Seeking QP Accreditation SC 25 New Purchase
2-28-2023 NACE TR02203/ICRI Technical Guideline 710.1/SSPC-TR 5-2023 Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Protective Polymer Flooring Systems for Concrete SC 02 Revision Purchase
3-6-2023 AMPP TM21451-2023 Evaluation of Carbon and Low-Alloy Steels for Resistance to Stress-Oriented Hydrogen-Induced Cracking (SOHIC) SC 08 New Purchase
3-15-2023 AMPP SP21484-2023 Splash Zone Site-Applied Wrap Corrosion Protection Systems SC 19 New Purchase
3-27-2023 NACE SP0394-2023 Application, Performance, and Quality Control of Plant-Applied Single-Layer Fusion-Bonded Epoxy External Pipe Coating SC 03 Revision Purchase
3-31-2023 NACE SP0602-2023 Field-Applied Coal Tar Enamel Pipe Coating Systems: Application, Performance, and Quality Control SC 19 Stabilized Purchase
4-24-2023 AMPP SP21520-2023 Acceptance Criteria for Cathodic Protection of Steel in Concrete Structures SC 12 New Purchase
4-19-2023 NACE SP0112-2023 Corrosion Management System for Atmospherically Exposed Reinforced Concrete Structures SC 12 Revision Purchase
4-12-2023 ANSI/NACE TM0416-2023/ISO 22858-2020 Corrosion of metals and alloys — Electrochemical measurements — Test method for monitoring atmospheric corrosion SC 13 Revision Purchase
3-29-2023 AMPP SP21492-2023 Technical Specification for Application and Inspection of Electrostatically-Sprayed Fluoropolymer Powder Coatings SC 04 New Purchase
1-19-2023 NACE TM21423-2023 Determination of Substrate and Surface Temperature Limits for Insulative Coatings Used for Personnel Protection SC 02 Revision Purchase
2-9-2023 SSPC-Paint 33-2023 Coal Tar Mastic Coating, Cold-Applied SC 03 Stabilized Purchase
5-10-2023 SSPC-AB 3-2023 Ferrous Metallic Abrasive SC 05 Reaffirmation Purchase
5-25-2023 AMPP TR21478-2023 3D Optical Imaging Techniques SC 15 New Purchase
5-31-2023 AMPP SP21474-2023 External Corrosion Control of On-Grade Carbon Steel Storage Tank Bottoms SC 15 New Purchase
5-30-2023 AMPP Guide 21532-2023 Guideline for Materials Selection and Corrosion Control for CO2 Transport and Injection SC 20 New Purchase
5-9-2023 SSPC-Paint 39-2023 Two-Component Aliphatic Polyurea Topcoat, Fast- or Moderate-Drying, Performance-Based SC 02 Reaffirmation Purchase
5-26-2023 NACE SP0291-2023 Care, Handling, and Installation of Internally Plastic-Coated Oilfield Tubular Goods and Accessories SC 04 Reaffirmation Purchase
6-5-2023 NACE SP0191-2023 Application of Internal Plastic Coatings for Oilfield Tubular Goods and Accessories SC 04 Revision Purchase
6-15-2023 NACE TM21420-2023 Test Method for Measurement of Peel Strength of Multilayer Polyolefin Coating Systems SC 03 Revision Purchase
5-1-2023 AMPP SP21417-2023 Performance Requirements for Navy Ships Exterior Topside Coatings SC 19 New Purchase
6-15-2023 NACE SP0192-2023 Monitoring Corrosion in Oil and Gas Production with Iron Counts SC 20 Revision Purchase
8-9-2023 NACE TM0316-2023 Four-Point Bend Testing of Materials for Oil and Gas Applications SC 08 Revision Purchase
7-24-2023 AMPP TM21442-2023 Test Method for Evaluation of Protective Coatings for Use Under Insulation SC 02 New Purchase
8-4-2023 NACE TM21431-2023 Test Methods to Evaluate Thermal Properties and Performance of Insulative Coatings SC 02 Revision Purchase
8-22-2023 NACE SP0216-2023 Galvanic Cathodic Protection of Reinforcing Steel in Atmospherically Exposed Concrete Structures SC 12 Revision Purchase
5-18-2023 NACE No. 10-SSPC-PA 6-2023 Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Linings Applied to Bottoms of Carbon Steel Aboveground Storage Tanks SC 04 Revision Purchase
7-12-2023 SSPC-Paint 32-2023 Coal-Tar Emulsion Coating SC 03 Stabilized Purchase
8-17-2023 NACE TM0498-2023 Evaluation of the Carburization of Alloy Tubes Used for Ethylene Manufacture SC 06 Reaffirmation Purchase
9-9-2023 NACE SP0403-2023 Avoiding Caustic Stress Corrosion Cracking of Refinery Equipment and Piping SC 16 Revision Purchase
9-5-2023 NACE SP21427-2023 Detection and Mitigation of Stray-Current Corrosion of Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Structures SC 12 Reaffirmation Purchase
9-28-2023 NACE SP0304-2023 Design, Installation, and Operation of Thermoplastic Liners for Oilfield Pipelines SC 04 Revision Purchase
10-29-2023 AMPP SP21554-1-2023 Environmental Severity Monitoring Site Selection Guide SC 07 New Purchase
11-1-2023 AMPP SP21438-2023 Cathodic Protection of Metallic Structures Submerged in Fresh Water SC 01 New Purchase
6-19-2023 SSPC-AB 4-2023 Recyclable Encapsulated Abrasive Media (in a Compressible Cellular Matrix) SC 05 Reaffirmation Purchase
9-27-2023 NACE TM0186-2023 Holiday Detection of Internal Tubular Coatings of 330 to 760 µm (13 to 30 mils) Dry Film Thickness SC 04 Revision Purchase
9-11-2023 NACE TR34109-2023 Crude Distillation Unit—Distillation Tower Overhead System Corrosion SC 16 Revision Purchase
11-17-2023 SSPC-QP 4-2023 Standard Procedure for Evaluating the Qualifications of Contractors Disturbing Hazardous Coatings During Demolition and Repair Work SC 25 Stabilized Purchase
11-21-2023 NACE SP0109-2023 Application of Tape Coatings for External Corrosion Protection of Buried Metal Pipelines SC 03 Revision Purchase
9-27-2023 NACE TM0384-2023 Holiday Detection of Internal Tubular Coatings of Less Than 330 µm (13 mils) Dry Film Thickness SC 04 Revision Purchase
11-21-2023 AMPP TR21527-2023 Corrosion and Protection of Tank Cars in Crude Oil Service SC 17 New Purchase
12-18-2023 NACE SP0716-2023 Soluble Salt Testing Frequency and Locations on Previously Coated Surfaces SC 05 Revision Purchase
12-20-2023 SSPC-Paint 16-2023 Coal-Tar Epoxy Polyamide (Black or Dark Red) Coating SC 03 Revision Purchase
11-30-2023 AMPP TM21453-2023 Laboratory Testing for Resistance to Environmentally-Assisted Hydrogen Stress Cracking in Welds SC 08 New Purchase
1-16-2024 NACE TR31215-2024 Laboratory Evaluation of Corrosion Inhibitors Used in the Oil and Gas Industry SC 20 Revision Purchase
1-2-2024 AMPP Guide 21569-2024 Guidance on Implementing Corrosion Control Methodologies to Align with New PHMSA Regulatory Procedures SC 15 New Purchase
1-26-2024 NACE SP0188-2024 Discontinuity (Holiday) Testing of New Protective Coatings on Conductive Substrates SC 03 Revision Purchase
1-21-2024 AMPP TM21465-2024 Molecular Microbiological Methods - Sample Handling and Laboratory Processing SC 22 New Purchase
1-29-2024 NACE SP0105-2024 Field-Applied Liquid Coatings for Weld Joints and External Repair and Rehabilitation of Buried Steel Pipelines SC 03 Revision Purchase