Research Committee

Research Committee

The AMPP Research Program Committee (RPC)

The Research Program Committee (RPC) shall oversee the AMPP Global Center’s programs and initiatives intended to support the development of research and other academic pursuits. The RPC shall consist of a minimum of five and a maximum of 15 voting members and shall not have more than one member who is a representative of any one organization.

The RPC may approve the creation or disbandment of a task force that advises the RPC for a discrete purpose for a time period of up to one year, which may be extended by the RPC as necessary. The RPC shall elect the chair of such task force, and the task force chair shall determine the number of voting members of such task force, provided that no such task force shall have more than fifteen voting members and appoint the remaining members of such task force.

Current RPC Task Forces:

RPC Task Force for Conference Activities
This Task Force includes the Vice Chair of RPC, a member from CEPC, and Chair of each Research in Progress (RIP) session, Research Topical Symposium (RTS), and Student Poster Session (SPS).

RPC Task Force for AMPP Research Seed Grant
If you have interest in serving on the RPC or on an RPC Task Force, please contact
Access for RPC members to AMPP Workspace