Protective Coatings Learning Center

Protective coatings learning center

Protective coatings learning center

While there are as many ways to combat corrosion as there are modes of it, a program made up of a combination of corrosion control measures with protective coatings at its core is most widely used and extremely effective.

Liquid-applied coatings that dry to form solid films over metal surfaces are a popular choice. Often, these coatings feature chemical additives that inhibit corrosion or contain zinc (an unstable metal) to offer galvanic protection.

Another protective coating comes in the form of anodic or cathodic metal films added to parts via galvanizing, electroplating or thermal spraying.

The following technical articles and whitepapers will help you learn more about coatings, defined as a continuous film forming a barrier between metal and the environment that slows the electrochemical reactions responsible for corrosion.

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