Coating Application Specialist (CAS) Level 1

Coating Application Specialist (CAS) Level 1

Coating Application Specialist (CAS) Level 1

This part of the CAS program consists of a one-hour written exam. Basic Level I qualification is intended for entry-level/trainee Application Specialists. Level 1 Application Specialists customarily work with and under the supervision of Level 2 and Level 3 Application Specialists.

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Course content

  • Competent Person requirements
  • Health effects / OSHA health standards
  • EPA regulations
  • Overview of containment and ventilation
  • Regulatory update

Benefits of attending

The Coating Application Specialist Certification Program is designed to certify those individual craft workers who have experience and training in all aspects of hands-on surface preparation and coating application of complex industrial and marine structures, according to the requirements of the Coating Application Specialist (CAS) Program. This certification program also meets the requirements of ISO 17024. Facility owners, contractors, or certifying agencies may use this program for certification of Application Specialists for other substrates or conditions, as considered appropriate.

After successful completion of CAS Level 1, please look into registering for a Level 2 certification exam.

Exam content

Level 1
The SSPC Coating Application Specialist Level 1 exam consists of basic knowledge of industrial coatings and linings. The written exam consists of 50, multiple-choice questions. To receive a certificate, you must pass the with a 70% or greater.

1 Day Course

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Additional information

SSPC CAS to C7 / C12 equivalency

Note 1: A craft-worker that is SSPC Coating Application Specialist (CAS Level II) Certified is considered to have met and exceeded the qualifications of an individual who is SSPC C7 or SSPC C12 Certified or both.

Note 2: Candidates who took their C7 and C12 hands on exam after January 1, 2012 may substitute their C7 and C12 hands on exam results for the CAS Level II hands on blaster and sprayer exam, if they have achieved a score of 90% or greater on each exam.

Note 3: At this time the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) does not accept CAS as an equivalent to C7 or C12.

Note 4: Candidates who took their C7 and C12 hands on exam before January 1, 2012 and scored a 90% can still substitute their hands on exam results for the CAS hands on exam. But the candidates would have to retake the CAS hands on exam at their three year recertification date.