Oliver Moghissi Asset Integrity Management Award

Oliver Moghissi Asset Integrity Management Award

Recognizes exemplary support to the materials protection and performance industry through work that bridges the gap between maintenance/operations activities and the use of business management systems in the realm of asset integrity.

Successful nominees will have:

  • Demonstrated longstanding contributions resulting in industry-recognized products, services, standards, or similar resources that will increase asset life cycles by bridging the gap between technical management and business management,
  • Led industry to have an increased focus on business-centered corrosion management strategies by asset owner organizations to increase asset sustainability, safety, and optimizing efficiency, and/or
  • Enhanced awareness, outside of the corrosion control industry, of the importance of the corrosion control industry.

The candidates' contributions must be conspicuous, meritorious, and broadly impactful. The nomination must include a comprehensive and detailed statement substantiating how the nominee fulfills the criteria.


Maximum 5 awards per year
Membership is required
Self-nomination is not allowed

Eligibility criteria applicable for all awards categories:


  • Individuals, organizations, and companies can be nominators - see each award category for specific restrictions.
  • Self-nomination is only allowed for specific awards and is identified on each award description page.


  • No posthumous nominations will be accepted.
  • Past Presidents and Chairs of AMPP are eligible to be a nominee only for accomplishments following their term on the Board.
  • Voting members of the AMPP Board or Award Committee may not be selected to receive any AMPP service-related awards category during their term.
  • Past recipients are not eligible to receive the same or similar (from Legacy SSPC or NACE )award category again.
  • An individual is only eligible for a single award each calendar year. However, an individual may receive the Fellow Honor in addition to any other award in the same year.
  • Membership requirements vary. Please check the award description page for details.
  • Activity directly related to supporting the merger was recognized in 2022 and is not encouraged going forward.