Corrosion Consortia

About the NACE Corrosion Consortia

Decreased corporate investment in research can slow, if not halt, organizations from obtaining vital information that would help in understanding how to best mitigate corrosion in their assets. Consortia is a cost-effective alternative that allows for industry partners to pool resources to study and share in the results of research pertinent to them.

While consortia members will formalize the overall structure and scope of the project, NACE International – with a long history of developing technical knowledge in corrosion prevention and sharing information in a fair and unbiased manner – will supply administrative services and broker the consortia relationships to facilitate the research.

Consortia members, or industry partners, can be companies, universities, labs, government bodies, research institutions, or individuals.

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Industry projects currently seeking members

Desalination Consortia

Contribute to the Future Corrosion Research of Water Management and Desalination Corrosion

Working at the intersection of water-energy-food nexus and corrosion management, NACE launches a topical consortium as a strategic area for research, develop, and enhance technologies in different areas: energy-water systems (materials selection and characterization), reliability and integrity of metallic and non-metallic assets, corrosion management, new materials development Join NACE Desalination Consortium.

APPEAL Consortia

Contribute to the Future Corrosion Research of High-Reliability Polymers (APPEAL)

Market research indicates an AAGR of between 7% and 12% for high-performing engineering plastics, within the order of 1 to 2% of this growth representing metal replacement by non-metallic materials. The continually increasing use of non-metallic components in critical application environments means engineering risk is increasing on a per application basis. Very simply, not enough is known about the reliability of many families of polymers that are seeing continuous growth in extreme service environments. Thus, the need for industry- directed research programs to deliver more confidence in material selection, lifetime prediction and guidance in application boundaries.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (AM) allows for greater design ability and for assemblies to be printed in one process, improving operational efficiencies. The AM industry is projected to rapidly grow with companies accelerating and integrating these technologies for the build of products and unique parts within larger structures. Corrosion science and engineering experts who want to collaborate on researching innovative solutions to key challenges in the field of AM are being sought.

Couldn't make the NACE workshop that provided insight into what AM challenges this consortium might address? View workshop presentations below.



Corrosion will always occur in the marine environments. NACE is committed to providing solutions to the maritime industry that reduce costs, maximize asset availability, keep personnel safe, and preserve the environment. This consortium continues that commitment by providing a forum for corrosion science and engineering experts to collaborate in a neutral forum for researching innovative solutions to for marine asset longevity.

Couldn't make the NACE workshop or round table that provided insight into the corrosion challenges in the maritime industry that this consortium addresses? View workshop presentations below.

Future industries of the corrosion consortia





Fish Farming

Fish Farming/Aquaculture

Wind Power

Offshore Wind Energy

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