Amusement Parks

Amusement parks and attractions

While the amusement parks and attractions industry has grown over recent years, largely driven by an increase in international and domestic visitor numbers and rising consumer spending, so too have concerns over safety, due unfortunately to fatal accidents.

These rising concerns have led to stringent new safety standards with government regulators, parks, and ride manufacturers looking to successfully control corrosion on rides and make corrosion inspection a critical and fundamental part of a park’s maintenance operation.

Park rides and attractions see a combination of stresses and elements unlike any other comparable structures of their size and shape; any or all of the following can contribute to park ride and attraction corrosion:

  • type of metal used in their manufacture
  • type of coatings used and their application
  • outside weather factor
  • water salt/acidity levels
  • motion, a factor in speeding up corrosion
  • corrosion under insulation (CUI) due to moisture buildup on the external surface of insulated equipment

This industry depends on technological expertise as well as a wide variety of applications, including protective coatings. For decades, many industries have looked to NACE for its respected and globally recognized Coating Inspector Program. It stands ready to partner with the amusement parks and attractions industry as it acknowledges the importance of visual inspection for catching, repairing, and preventing corrosion.


Manufacturer: Corrosion Caused Deadly Ride Accident at Ohio State Fair

Dutch amusement rides manufacturer KMG Europe BV (Neede, The Netherlands) says excessive corrosion was responsible for the “catastrophic failure” of an amusement park ride on July 26 at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, Ohio.

PPG Donates Coatings to Refurbish Iconic Coney Island Cyclone Roller Coaster

PPG Industries’ (NYSE:PPG) protective and marine coatings (PMC) business announced it is supplying as much as 700 gallons of paint to refurbish the Coney Island Cyclone roller coaster at Luna Park, which is regarded as one of the world’s most famous amusement park rides.


An Introduction to Corrosion Management in Industry

This book is the first ever ‘real’ or ‘true’ corrosion management reference book published today for the non-hydrocarbon industries.

Corrosion and Coatings: An Introduction to Corrosion for Coatings Personnel

This book examines the various mechanisms and forms of corrosion, the prevention and control of corrosion through the use of protective coatings, cathodic protection, and corrosion control by design.

Corrosion and Its Control: An Introduction to the Subject, Second Edition

This edition of this classic text is based on notes used by the authors for more than a decade in their course, The Corrosion and Protection of Metals.

Corrosion Basics: An Introduction, 3rd Edition

This book provides general coverage of the wide field of corrosion control. It is designed to help readers being initiated into corrosion work and presents each corrosion process or control procedure in the most basic terms.

CUI Mechanism and Prevention

CUI(Corrosion Under Insulation) is worldwide problem. CUI on carbon steel occurs with water and oxygen and is accelerated by iron rust halogen ion and the conductivity. That mechanism is analyzed more quantitatively to understand the degree of corrosion influence. By using this mechanism the author applied to the actual plants to find it is correct.But some irregular corrosion occurred and is considered why it occurs by means of the investigation of the corrosion samples.

Solution to Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) with Three Layered CUI Control and CUI Warning Systems

CUI is the most expensive problem in the corrosion history due to their highly corrosive conditions and the limited visual access by thermal jackets. In general CUI is caused by water leakages from the thermal jackets. Visual inspections of steel pipes and tanks by removing the thermal jackets are most reliable way to find CUI locations at present.

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Ep. 1: NACE at IAAPA with NACE President, Terry Greenfield

In the first episode, NACE International President and Principal Consultant for Consulex, Terry Greenfield, is interviewed from the loud and lively floor of the global attractions industry’s premier event.

Ep. 2: NACE at IAAPA with NACE Member and Instructor, Steve Hickey

In this episode, NACE member and Senior Project Manager for Baynum Painting, Inc., Steve Hickey shares insights from his nearly 30 years of corrosion control work in the amusements and attractions industry.


Corrosion and the Amusement Park Industry

The introduction of NACE International to the amusement park industry will bring awareness of NACE’s extensive corrosion resources and knowledge, which other industries have relied on for 75 years. NACE will provide information on the basics of corrosion and corrosion control methods and provide case studies that show various infrastructure failures due to corrosion.